This morning I start recording my 10th, a new project with producer Steve Dawson. Steve is a fantastic musician, who did a lot of playing and hanging out with my cousin, Jamie aka – Bocephous King. Today I am in a surreal world where songs matter for a few days . I hope to capture the vibe of them. This will be a very human record. I remember wondering if anyone would like my first  “tape” and the thought of dying with 990 of the 1000 I printed..yikes ! Now with songs in the ether and people sharing them I wonder again what to do, but, moving forward..I trust people who like it , will support it.. Enough of that. New songs are cool. They are stories and “little movies”, as the awesome Bob Hamilton of Whitehorse once told me. Okay no more coffee -I will be shaking all day. The airlines lost my guitar in Minneapolis..whaaat ? It will be here 2 hours before we start. In one piece I hope. Crazy ! As my terrific pal Rachelle VZ says ” Onward ! ”