Our son, Matthew’s birthday today. A huge event in my life. Now he has just returned from a teaching project in Uganda organized by UBC. At his age my only association with Africa was probably a bad Tarzan movie. It appears with the internet and news one can be very global these days, if they so choose. I think most of us live within a much smaller world and it’s complex enough. I will be in Kitimat this weekend and have a couple dates in Smithers in early June. I have a new song up on facebook but it’s hard to find. It’s on a site called “Oar & Ocean” , which is a journey two young friends are taking, rowing( !!!???) the inside passage. I recorded it in Alex Cuba’s basement – my guitar and vocal – a couple takes and done. It’s part of a slide show on their site that I’m honoured to be a part of. I will write some more and think about a very simple acoustic record. Breaking even on a project is getting harder..but I will search for something special and you never know, sometimes good things happen.

onward – peace – cheers