The tour is almost over. One trip to Hazleton at some point and possibly Kitimat. We are having talks about a Southern journey. We will see. Mark and Kiri added textures and moods that really made it something special. In Prince George after we had packed up, we had a few requests, so Kiri and I pulled up a couple of chairs and played while people sang along and banged on things. One young woman came up and told me how her mother would make them listen to me on family road trips when she was growing up. She was quite funny and we all had a few laughs. I am not the greatest traveller. Driving, rest, food, your own space are all needs you have to figure out. When you are playing a song and you feel and you know you are connecting with people – that is the magic. It’s worth every km and worn out guitar string. People seem to be liking ” Northern Waters”.  Yay !  See you soon !