Hey I’m back.

I disappeared for a bit in 2012.

Some things just become more important. Both my wife, Jane, and I lost our mothers last year and going through that takes it’s toll. Looking back now we are very grateful to have been brought up in great loving and supportive family environments.

We were also lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen live in Madison square gardens in the Spring and wow!! Great show. Walked around Central Park, saw a broadway show, walked across the Brooklyn bridge and visited ground zero. Amazing city and people. No _ I am not a Rangers fan now. We visited our daughter “mip” and watched her perform with her band at “Not My Dog” in Toronto. While I didn’t tour too much in 2012 I did continue to write and sometimes that’s the therapy I need. Working towards a new recording to be released in the Fall of 2013.

We are assembling the “Alfred avenue Band” for the town of  Smithers 100 year celebration. The long weekend in August should be a ton of fun. I will be playing a dance set at the Driftwood (aka Glenwood) hall for New Years eve 2012-2013. In February I will be doing a gig or two with Scott Atchison playing new songs and planning  a new record. I plan on a decent tour this Fall so stay tuned. I will be better at updating and changing up the site a bit more often. I greatly appreciate the notes and requests to play in your areas.

With a little luck and planning we can do more of this

cheers and onward