BV Exhibition was a great event. A rodeo, cows, chickens, sheep, vegetable art and oh ya, live music. Wow ! I played with Kiri Daust and he is a special player, a violinist who just returned from touring with the Canadian youth orchestra 2 days prior to the gig. One rehearsal and we’re on, and he is talented enough to pull it off.

We are playing the Telkwa Demolition derby this weekend with a full band “Aldermere”. This should be a blast as they are great people to play with. We will step on stage for a soundcheck for the first time ever as a group this afternoon. We may have some issues with our synchronized dance moves..ya.

Fall bookings. I will be in Terrace Nov 14 or 15th . Should know later this week. Prince George and Kamloops November 20/21. Driftwood school gig early November. We’ll see where else we land.

cheers  mp