Starting to come down after a fantastic, sold out Friday evening in Smithers at the Della Herman theatre. The 15th of April. I had talked to Alex Cuba and discovered his parents were coming over from Cuba while my release was about to happen. So we get his father, Valentin to make a guest appearance and Alex joins him. Talk about a bonus ! I was stageside with the other members of the band watching, listening and smiling. What a treat !

The band for Friday included Richard Jenne on Precussion, Marie Perry (aka mip) on bass and vocals, Kiri Daust on Violin, Mark Thibeault on Steel and electric guitar and me too ! This was a special night for me and there are so many people to thank for making it happen. We were communicating and the work between Mark and Kiri was just beautiful at times and a even a little erie here and there. Marie and Richard were terrific. It was pretty cool for me to play with our daughter. I booked the room many months before – it was the only date available, and the band as it was, had never played together before. Happy !

10 records. I can call them that. I will never acheive perfection. The key it seems is just keeping on. Just through trial and error some pretty cool things happen.  The thread that links all 10 seems to be the songs that reflect on our area. I already have another one in mind and some songs to move forward with.

Onward !!